Breaking out…

So my blog has come on location to North Devon and I am writing from my commodious accommodation in Croyde Bay.

We arrived yesterday afternoon and found ourselves the “newbies” – the only guests who weren’t a part of the 5 day Christmas coach trip from Canvey Island. Fortunately we had missed the Christmas days but joined in with the “New Year” celebrations last night. “Dinner” was served at 6:15 which comprised an interesting set of choices including triangular shaped fish, ratatouille, broad beans in a sauce (which we could not agree what it was), chicken and ham pie, mashed potatoes, chips, sausages…This was served minutes after our broccoli and Stilton soup and minutes before a selection of gateaux (sic) – mandarin cheesecake leading a pack of creamy options that we didn’t have! By 6:45 dinner was over and it was time to rev up for the entertainment!

It was a lively 4 games of bingo – one “full house” game won by a member of our party with a cash prize. It was then time for the main  event – Elvis…who, it appears has been alive (and looking very unlike himself) and living in Devon for decades! White suited, he strutted his stuff and made us laugh for some time.

I left before New Year came in and when I got up this morning the Canvey Islanders had all set off for home…leaving us the only guests until later today, so prime use for us of spa facilities!

Feeling well so far so may also try to have a walk by the sea!


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