She ran into the sea in her tartan tights…

During the second of our beach walks – one of us (that wasn’t me) made a sudden dash for the water, peeled off her boots and waded into the crashing waves of the sea….Apparently she had told her work colleagues that she would paddle….Not sure how the tartan tights have fared…apparently it was very cold in the water (fancy!)

Being outside has been great and hugely restorative. Although tired I am glimpsing the life I may have back again soon…Nothing that makes me feel more alive than these wide empty beaches, the violent tidal waves, the briny wind against my cheeks and the sound of seagulls…Just fantastic!

Now returning to the spa for the steam room and a swim…I have managed 2 or 3 swims whilst here and my stamina is better than it was…even if only marginal!

Last night’s entertainment was much more muted – keyboard player and quiz…which we won – probably because one of us knew that when the Rolling Stones were busted Marianne Faithfull was found with a Mars Bar.

We are going “out” for dinner tonight so may only catch the end of tonight’s cabaret or whatever it turns out to be….


4 thoughts on “She ran into the sea in her tartan tights…

  1. So pleased Wendy to read about your walks on the beach. I’m sure the sea air will have done you the world of good!
    Lots of love
    Tricia xxx


  2. Our friend Peter has a house in Mortehoe overlooking the sea, thats where we go – its round the peninsular from you! Next bay along. Any plans to surf ? …. xxx


  3. Good to hear that the Devon air is doing you good.

    Love to have a pair of the tartan tights! Keep enjoying yourself.

    Sandra xx


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