‘Twas the night before chemo…the last chemo…

I am home after my mini break in Devon and straight back down to earth. Steroids started this morning then went off for blood tests which I hope (?) give news that I am fit enough for tomorrow’s chemo session. The thought of any delay now would be a major blow but, as ever, will have to go with the flow…Hate being so out of control in this process.

I am finding it incredibly hard to stay in the moment and not to start thinking about the next stages and its multiple waiting rooms. However, I have my own Pandora’s box of nasties in store this week and need to be strong to face these demons first…but for the last time! I hope and cling on for an easy ride but expect the volatile white knuckle experience to remind me that it is only the first stage of this journey that is drawing to an end and that cancer can and does do as it wants despite my roaring…


6 thoughts on “‘Twas the night before chemo…the last chemo…

  1. I trust that you know have your ‘feet up’ (this is a technical term that I shall explain later) and that your fridge is bustin’. See you soon, Angel.
    Sal xxxxx


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