Hair raising

I must be starting to feel a bit better as I have been craving baked beans  and my brain is starting to function, albeit in rather bizarre ways. (Not sure that the two are related!)

As you will have gathered I am more than a little obsessed about regaining a full head of hair and whilst I realise it is early days I can at least put it on my horizon now (even it is at the vanishing point end). So….what style will it grow back into? Do I just go with the flow of how it sprouts and at some point discard the headwear and expose myself and my “new look” or is there some protocol for this?

I am hoping that hair has a memory and, even if it grows back grey and curly, kinky even (rather than dark and wavy…yes…it really was still naturally dark) it at least resembles a familiar style…or will it just grow fast (?) and loose in every direction. I can’t see that whatever the growth, there will be enough to be tempted to go to the hairdresser to have anything cut off for many months, even if it means that a visit may cause it to grow into something resembling a regular “hair-do”. What’s a girl to do? It’s a serious worry. You may imagine that I have bigger fish to fry than this insofar as worries go but truth be told, this does dominate.

A lot of people lose their hair during chemo but it doesn’t seem that they are wearing their heart on their sleeves about this issue, which I am finding troubling. Just me then, huh?


2 thoughts on “Hair raising

  1. I am sure that railing against your hair loss will help you and fellow chemoalopeciacs ! It must be vey hard to accept. Hang in there!


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