No time for flagging

Although energy levels seem to be stuck at the very low end of the spectrum, I do seem to be feeling better. I feel tired all the time but am starting to be able to do things. This week I have entertained visitors (maybe I didn’t exactly  “entertain” them but was certainly compus mentis!), been out for lunch and taken myself off to Oxford city centre and the Christmas market. The only worrying aspect of this is that I was disinclined to actually “shop” – looking seemed to suffice, even in the bookshop! I am usually a tenacious shopper so think this may be a bad sign – maybe I have become de-skilled over the months at home or I have re-programmed my brain to only be able to shop via a computer screen. I really don’t want to be the identifiable cause of a triple dip recession!

Next week sees the start of my Christmas activities – not least ensuring that my Christmas online food shopping list is kept up to date for delivery in just over a week. No cause for alarm in the interim as my fridge remains well stocked and I thought I might even venture off for a top-up Marks & Spencer food shop tomorrow….I know I have a neighbour’s fridge I can use (in addition to my own) over the Christmas period so no need to hold back! My shopping instincts obviously are still kicking in at some level.

Next week also includes trips to the dentist and to the hospital for MRI & CT scans. I won’t get the results of the latter until the New Year. Then on 24th I start my post-chemo treatment which is Pertuzumab & Hereceptin given intravenously every 3 weeks. I am relying on the information that there should be no side effects so I should continue to gain strength (and, hopefully hair!)


3 thoughts on “No time for flagging

  1. hi .Wendy I was sick of folks saying how well i look when i felt just the opposite do you get the same?now walking on marshmallows (feels like)talking of hair lack of. I got out of the shower one day wrapped in a coloured towel and looked in the mirror
    to see the Dalai Lama looking back at me so keep away from saffron coloured towels.Make your christmas as good as poss despite the dirty trick of starting you on the new stuff.on the 24th.


  2. Sounds like you are boosting the economy whilst perhaps leading to the death of the high street shops!
    Enjoy the treatment free time.


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