A question of semantics

Whilst thinking that I was progressing well, slowly, but well…I had not taken into account how fried my brain is.

Yesterday was our reading group’s Christmas meeting. Food and drink are obviously (it is obvious isn’t it?) a key part of this and we were all asked to bring some cheese. Earlier in the week I was reminded that I wasn’t bringing cheese but crackers. I put together a selection, (oat cakes, bran biscuits, digestives, seedy fingers…) feeling chuffed with the variety I “happened” to have in my store cupboard. Upon arrival I scurried to the kitchen to offload my contribution and ask where to put it but I was given an odd look (this in itself is neither unusual  nor rare these days), but I caught on that something was amiss, and it looked like it was to do with me. When I heard “So, where are the crackers then?” the penny eventually dropped in that fuzzy felt head of mine. I remembered (not before time) that I had been in charge of crackers – Christmas crackers, rather than biscuits for cheese.

Fortunately, I did have the correct crackers back at home so they were collected and I was able to contribute both crackers and crackers along with providing the laughing stock element of the evening!


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