Goose down!

Fortunately we were not hit by the worst of the Christmas storms and seem to be well out of the eye of the next one that is moving in…..So…the festive days have passed in a flurry of goose and turkey…very delicious…and our spoiled cats have also been “lapping up” the special menu, which, inevitably has, yet again,  raised expectations. The fridge is not quite as full as it was but still yawns with options (phew!). I now need to turn my attention and preparations to the next culinary adventure which we are hosting on New Year’s Eve.

I had my first non-chemo treatment on Christmas Eve. The day treatment unit was packed and, whilst the staff were absolutely remarkable (bringing round Christmas fizz, cheese and biscuits and presents to all patients as well as managing the medical care with good cheer) I couldn’t help but find it depressing to clock just how many people are living with cancer. Knowing how widespread it is and seeing it on a personal level are two completely different things and very sobering it is to see the scale of this iniquitous disease. Wish I wasn’t one of its number…

BUT…the good news is that there don’t seem to be any side effects so hopefully it won’t be long until my brain capacity picks up and I can attempt to regain some stamina. That said, I still feel pretty exhausted and flaky most of the time at present. The evidence of this (or perhaps it is medication side-effects?) was demonstrated pretty well as I finally found something to watch on the “bumper” Christmas TV schedule – and it was…..”Carry on Cleo”…I was howling with laughter at a very camp Kenneth Williams playing Julius Caesar – good to be laughing, but at a Carry On film…what hope is there?


One thought on “Goose down!

  1. Ah, go on – it’s a classic. “Infamy, infamy! They’ve all got it in for me…” Best Carry On one-liner apart from Joan Sim in the war zone dinner scene from Carry on Up the Khyber – “Oh dear, I seem to have got a little plastered”. Story of my life.


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