Old Mother Hubbard

Whilst my cupboard is not exactly bare (that would just be too scary!) – new supplies are coming my way later this morning. Patrick in the Ocado Apple van will be arriving before too long with a new selection of goodies for New Year’s Eve….and beyond!

I thought that this would be a good time to do a bit of an end of year catch up on blog threads that may seem to have been left dangling.

  • My nails (following the nail bar experience) are doing OK and remain unbitten
  • I have thought of many more things that I don’t want to do before I die but may blog about this separately. However, I cannot believe that I forgot to mention my bête noir in my first list – “fruit teas”. These beasties can really catch you out. They can sound quite interesting (even when you know better) BUT neither taste of any fruit I have ever encountered nor have any tea content  – so what’s that all about? I have smelled more varieties than I have tasted as I cannot understand why you would want to taste after inhaling the smell….If I never encounter another “fruit tea” it will be too soon!
  • I did seriously contemplate the eyebrow tattoo for perfectly shaped eyebrows…but somehow I just knew that  my own eyebrows would grow back quicker than any other hair…and in a different style & direction to the “perfect” version. This would not have been a good look
  • My hair has started to grow, or at least there is a fuzzy felt covering on my head which is promising (especially as it is dark in colour).  I understand that it may still take some time…so more waiting. “April” the wig, my alter ego,  remains unworn, sitting on her stand in our spare bedroom to entertain guests.
  • My back isn’t better. In fact it is feeling more painful since the chemo stopped. I continue to do the daily exercises in the hope that I can keep this particular medical issue at bay.
  • Eyes are working, even if not as well as before. I have appointments at 3 different clinics at Eye Hospital in the coming month so may find out what is going on…or hopefully, what’s not going on!

I am sure there are other unfinished stories to be completed but I still only have a partially functional brain so have either forgotten them or don’t yet know what will happen next…Just as well eh?


6 thoughts on “Old Mother Hubbard

  1. I don’t like fruit teas either, although I like green tea…. have you tried it? Regarding nails…. Esther, Rachel and I are having our nails done tomorrow….. it is a very belated 21st birthday treat for Esther…. her birthday is 25th January so we are just getting in quick before 2013 comes to a close!


  2. I also hate fruit teas but love robush/roibush/red bush when I want a non- caffeine hot drink! We had a festive spiced version for Xmas. Maybe if you are off tea you would also be off this? Hopefully tastes will soon return to normal
    Happy New Year and let’s hope 2014 is better than 2013.


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