Twelfth Night…in the daytime!

Just before the final Christmas crumbs are hoovered up, I feel the need to return to the Christmas crackers theme. This is purely on the basis that I have concluded that laughter may be the best way to deal with my tenacious cancer…

So…2 of the more “choice” tasks set in this season’s Christmas crackers (you will note that it wasn’t the jokes that caused the mirth):

  • Name your favourite (?) Christmas song?

“Favourite” may be rather misleading – I read it as the Christmas song that either still amuses or which you can actually stand to hear at the festive season…whilst many (not in my crackers group) may have chosen the goosebumps moment when the voice of a sole chorister welcomes in Christmas by singing “Once in Royal David’s City” on Christmas Eve at Kings College Chapel, Cambridge. My choice was not quite this sonorous reflective moment – it may be (rudely) considered more lowbrow and was Boney M “Mary’s Boy Child”. Naturally much laughter accompanied this selection but hey…who ever tires of Boney M? (No replies needed!)

  • “A conversation opener” – Who are the 10 people you would like to sit next to on a long-haul flight?

If I was anything to go by, this brings any conversation to an abrupt halt which then dissolves into laughter as you try and give one possible answer never mind 10. Given a choice I would rather have one of those bed type seats and sleep my way through the flight….but with several days reflection I have come up with some options….

Stuart  and Patrick of course at #1 slot…followed by George Clooney, Matthew Shardlake, Julian Clary, Jennifer Saunders, a pairing of Nigella Lawson with Nigel Slater on the other side, Carol Drinkwater and Frida Kahlo. This does, of course, not mean that I don’t want to travel with friends and family – just that I thought it was supposed to be more creative (and thus more giggle conducive than that)

To think (and this is my final Christmas thought)…there are probably people writing the contents of next year’s Christmas crackers even now…


5 thoughts on “Twelfth Night…in the daytime!

  1. Hello darling and Happy New Year of course! Soz haven’t been in touch … busy times, but have been thinking of you. Will come over soon (if I may). Sorting out ski rental this morning, which then led on to finding hip flasks. Guess what two of the three still contain 2012 sloe gin. Had a few slurps yum! What do you mean ‘its a bit early’ ?? xxx


  2. I would choose to be surrounded by 10 by people with narcolepsy. I could then cough, splutter and blow my nose at will; eat their airplane food as travel makes me need the comfort of food (strange transformation from my home-based self); visit the little girls’ room at will and often. Just trying to book said flight in a burst of optimism for 2014, in which you are included.
    Sal xxxx


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