Signed off

Good news is that I seem to have fully recovered my sense of taste and am starting to build a little stamina…Swam 6 lengths last week and 8 lengths this week (wished it had been more but it was progress) and I have walked further than I could even dream of a few weeks ago. Before we get too excited this is still only a minor distance but all very positive.

Saw my GP yesterday who has signed me off work for another 4 months. I remain unsure whether this is good or bad news BUT…given that the small amount of exercise I have done has required at least 14-15 hours sleep afterwards, I guess I am not ready for the office just yet.

Next week is treatment #2 and my appointment to get the result of my pre-Christmas scans. I am expecting these to be the best scenario (ie lots of cancer shrinkage post- chemo) so I hope they are just that!

Meantime living in Oxford is a challenge as water levels continue to rise. More and more of the city is becoming waterlogged. Two of the major access routes to the city are closed due to flooding which, as you can guess, is causing a gridlock-like experience on the other routes especially as all the buses seem to have been diverted down our main road (which is one of the roads still open). Dry today, so let’s hope those conditions continue and the waters start to recede.

I can’t quite believe that this is my 81st blog and I have had over 17,000 hits now …Thanks for following me!


5 thoughts on “Signed off

  1. Sincerely hope energy levels increase, very impressed with the swimming.
    Hope the floods diminish quickly in Oxford, we think the drought is over!
    Take care,love and all good wishes P&A xx


  2. Hang in there. Just finished chemo treatments myself and survived! It sounds like you’re doing great if you are able to swim. It will be tough at times because of the fatigue, but exercise really does help. Losing your taste buds, however, is the worst! Two months post-chemo and food just now tastes good again.


  3. I think everyone loves your blog (Web-log!) Wendy… we look forward to it! Thinking about you and hope you stuart patrick and your parents are keeping dry and that your homes are safe. love from Rainsbury Central xx


  4. Great to hear the taste buds returning, allowing you to enjoy all that food in your expanding fridge and cupboards.

    Also well done with the swimming if anyone can achieve all these goals and challenges you have given yourself. You can!

    Love always. x


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