Alien products in the Waitrose bags?

It’s a very good Monday…

It is time to ‘fess up to the fact that, along with my own comestibles, I have also been receiving those meant for other locations/customers. I do follow “due diligence” and ring the store each time I get an alien bag but am told to keep the items…In the past month or so, I have received several bottles of barbecue HP sauce, 4 jars of mint sauce, paracetamol galore, frangipane tart,  cream crackers, variety packs of crisps, Pepsi-Max, jelly and a variety of “oddments” that sadly are never the items I forgot from the shopping list. Today, however was the best…a bottle of champagne and it was meant for me…a January “gift” from Waitrose for spending over £50…whoo-hoo! That seems a good portent for the week.

I also managed to increase my swimming today. Just (and only just) managed 10 lengths – all very positive….AND the fluff on my head seems to be growing…

Tomorrow, however, is back to the hospital – treatment followed by appointment with consultant …so a good few hours back in the clinical setting. I find it so odd that I can’t feel what’s going on with the cancer – and have absolutely no idea if it has been reduced to oblivion by the chemo or if it is merrily spreading itself around my body without me knowing. I just have to rely on the scans and doctors to tell me what I hope will be good news. However positive though, I know that at some point it will pop up either in the same or new locations so it still remains tough to get overly positive…


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