Big hair ambitions

In a week when the more serious side of my health has been examined, I have moved very quickly into the area that is concerning me the most of all…My hair, or lack of it.

I have cunningly invested my week in procuring the best “volumising” product – and although my hair, at no time, could be described, or could have been described as fine and flyaway, for current purposes that is the category for me. I have read the full sales information on many, many, many products before making a decision about which product is “me”.

So…the selection is “Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo” – I have fully invested in the blurb below and am inspecting my head several times daily awaiting the awesome or even aussome results!

“Uplift your hair and your spirit
For fine, limp hair
With Australian Hops Extract
New formula with Aloe Vera
Our unique lightweight formula, with extract of Australian Hops, leaves your hair with wonderful fullness and body. Big hair is beautiful. Fair enough, beer’s probably the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Australian Hops, but there’s a lot more to these little fellas than meets the eye. It’s believed that the proteins in the hops coat your hair and help build it up.
Frankly we think beer is a waste of good hops”

Feel free to suggest other miracle products if you know any – I am game to try anything!


7 thoughts on “Big hair ambitions

  1. When I was having my hair done in Toni and guy in Oxford becca the hairdresser told me they have just finished a private room where they do consultations for ladies who have lost their hair through cancer treatment. Apparently Toni and guy sponsor either Macmillan or cancer research I can’t remember which. I told becca about your situation and she said they have a specialist hair dresser who specialises in post chemo hair treatment and that if you want to go for a free consultation advice session just phone explain and they will do it. She was jolly keen for you to do this as I suspect they have a brand spanking new facility and no one to advise. Phone them if it appeals. Knowledge is power and free knowledge is free power. repeat FREE


  2. Hair hair, my fine hair has taken well to using Morrocanoil products, and you can get little bottles to try! Volume shampoo seems to help also the oil.
    Seems good idea to try Toni and Guy.
    Take care Wendy.
    We are off to Aussie next Monday.
    Love xx P&A


  3. Hi Wendy
    Lush has some shampoo ‘Big’, I had a freebie from them and it made my hair bigger. Funny stuff, has salt in it, but it did work. Get them to give you a freebie to try!


  4. Ok, pom-poms have been put away in favour of incanting, for now. I did like my mirror image in the sparlke oufit. See you soon.
    Sal xxxx


  5. Wendy. Astounded at the suggestion that Aussie beer production should take a back seat while the hops are used for hair restorer, but it sounds like it’s a wonder product. I’ll see if I can dig up some research into more beneficial use of lamingtons. On second thoughts, no, lets just eat them. Best wishes, Don.


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