No more dimmer switch…the lights are coming back on…

I am feeling more like a “normal” person today…normal of course being a relative term as many of you will be bemused (or laughing) at the idea that I had thought I was “normal” at any point – so be it – let’s say normal for Wendy!

Before I start ranting that I am fit and well – all my statements probably need some qualification – it is more that I am recognising that some brain function is returning. I remain depleted but seem, overnight, to have accessed the ability to rail against it. I swam again today and have managed to gain more ground – from 10 to 14 lengths. This small increase feels so significant and I don’t care that my legs have been shaky ever since and I am ready to go to bed before 8pm…running on empty somehow feels good or better…

Next staging post I await is the return of not only my head hair…for which I long on an a minute by minute basis…but also the return of some nasal hair as I have, for months, been beset by bouts of constant sneezing and unpleasant dripping. Who knows whether this is the cause or not but I have decided without any clinical assistance, that it must be!

If the hair volumising products don’t work at the speed I require them, I am wondering if any of the following might work:

  1. a vigil
  2. a trip to Lourdes
  3. praying (or is this implicit in the previous option?) – in which case maybe I would opt for a collective incantation
  4. hair extensions (how much hair do you need for them to be able to get attached and stay in place?)
  5. Miracle-Gro or Grow bags

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


4 thoughts on “No more dimmer switch…the lights are coming back on…

  1. Will keep thinking about you and hope that it feels a bit better that so many other friends are doing just the same.
    Lots of love and good wishes from Grimsby.
    Leo and Margaret


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