Sod’s Law

Who knew that all these volumising hair products would (or even could) work so quickly and so well….on my legs! No substantial progress on my head hair but legs – hey…watch them and weep! Fingers crossed that I am not going to have a beatific display of chest hair shortly…

I know I asked/prayed/incanted/wished for my hair back. Guess the moral of the tale is to be careful what you wish for!


3 thoughts on “Sod’s Law

  1. Hi Wendy – keep fighting – my husband has just had chemo – Docetaxel – he too lost his hair – we were reluctant to get what was left shaved off and it was grey, thin and very bitty in appearance

    Last weekend we went to the barbers and she advised my husband to have what was left shaved off (her dad has cancer and previously had chemo) – Although I completely acknowledge that it is different with men and women – it was still a difficult decision to make … husband agreed to have his head shaved.

    That was last weekend and this weekend over his entire head you can see the weeks growth….pre shaved it was grey ….but it looks as if the re growth is darker in colour especially at the back ……it is still short (re growth) ……..but frankly we can’t believe it !

    Can’t explain the reasoning, but I have wondered, if it is a case that like a plant if you prune it , it usually grows back quicker ??? Who knows …..

    Thought you might want to know – because you may wish to seek advice from either you own uncology dept or hairdressers – so you can make an informed decision yourself.

    You also have to consider that everyone is different which is why it is probably best for each individual to ask questions and conduct research before making any rash decisions.

    You sound a remarkable lady ….

    Kind regards Loretta

    Ps: I am a friend of Susan and Paul


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