Back to back

Mens sana in corpore sano

From the byegone days of learning Latin I seem to remember this translating as something to the effect of a healthy mind in a healthy body – whether that is that you need a healthy body to have a healthy mind OR a healthy mind will (help) make the body healthy (by knowing what you need to do to make it healthy perhaps?) is anyone’s guess. Not sure where this random thought has sprung from other than ….

Just when my brain seems to bounding off the starting blocks post-chemo – my back/leg problems are gobbling me up with a vengeance. I suppose it was inevitable that the spondylolisthesis would not just vanish but I did wish and hope that it might have done. I have been doing the prescribed and recommended exercises throughout the chemo ordeal …and beyond…but I am now feeling the sciatic pain increasing on a daily basis in both legs rather than just the one I started with.

What to do? Do I go back (!) on surgery waiting list at orthopaedics for which I was at pre-op stage when the cancer took over, courtesy of its life threatening  priority, or do I continue with the exercise and osteopathy?  I suspect I may need to do both. Is the NHS  truly seamless to suggest having breast and back surgery at same time? Perhaps it is just impractical… I would then be unable (I imagine) to lie on either my back or front…so would have to get active immediately! Hmmm…that’s something to ponder


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