Holy Moly

My feet of clay are planted on the ground as so many of the symptoms of the diseases I am struck down with are hidden…However, another green shoot of hope today at the Eye Hospital. My retinal damage (which I have been living with since 2006) has remained stable and the cataracts that I “grew” during chemo have not developed further and, apparently, are “not worrying”. Not sure if that means that I am not to worry (fat chance!) or that the clinicians aren’t worrying or just that there are no worrying symptoms to cause further investigations or possible treatment. Whichever…it was good to walk out of the hospital without some new dog tag around my neck or any new diagnoses (or unfamiliar words) to take home and google!

I am hoping that this augurs well for 2014. Sadly, the eye issue is not yet closed as I still have to see the specialist about the other problem that was picked up during chemo -saccadic eye movement disorder. That appointment is still 2 weeks off and who knows, perhaps that will now be “not worrying” either…

Somehow taking charge of these eye problems and my spondylolisthesis, for which I am now going back on hospital waiting list makes me feel better about everything. However, I know that the oncologists have first dibs on me and whilst I may think I am in control…I know that is not truly the case – but good to have these delusions.


3 thoughts on “Holy Moly

  1. I can relate to your eye problems having gone through cataract surgery on both followed by laser then lasik! Not growing old gracefully!!


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