Keeping abreast of the situation

Treatment 3 looms on Tuesday…so..halfway towards second scans and meeting with the surgeons. “Meeting with the surgeons” conjurs up a world of questions and possibilities…What will be offered? Mastectomy of what sort? Will bilateral be offered? and what about lymph nodes, chest wall and collar bone? Breast reconstruction? What are the options? How do you know what is the right size? I am bubbling up with all sorts of queries..whether they are sensible or not who knows or cares…I should be putting them into some kind of list but with my brain remaining a rather loose cannon, any list I start soon becomes a shopping list. Maybe it is a type of shopping list but just won’t be Ocado home delivered by Scott in the cabbage van.

I am barely beyond the residue of the chemo melting pot but am moving along a rapid travelator (yes..this really is a word…who knew?) to a different world –  living, artificial and reconstructed breasts. I am suspiciously approaching the learner slopes knowing that there is a whole new world and landscape awaiting. I am only weeks off full immersion into more than just the new language  of this very specialist body sculpting.



4 thoughts on “Keeping abreast of the situation

  1. hi Hope they give you achoice Dolly Parton or whatever?Hows the hair ?I:am desperate to get mine cut before igo into hospital Wednesdayfor a hip replacment .will be thinking of you.


  2. Well, apart from making the decision to have a boob job, it seems you could decide to go for the size you have always wanted OR that you used to have! In choosing the ‘right’ size, I expect you may wish for the opposite of what you already have? In so choosing does another site have to be plundered and therefore cause discomfort? However it may all come down to nipples or no nipples!!!! What decisions. Has radical non intervention been considered? Good luck and I’ll wait with great interest. Lots of love x


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