Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

I am growing more and more healthy BUT the path to shaking off the ever extending (and overhanging) toxic claws of  chemo remains an ongoing pursuit.

I am pushing myself on the swimming and am now up to 18 lengths which is a far better place to be than a few weeks ago, when I was sobbing in the pool because I could barely manage one length. The downside of the swimming is “jelly leg syndrome” for the rest of the day – but a very small price to pay for gaining strength. I am muddling through with this twice a week now. (For the purposes of the animal, vegetable or mineral heading – I am assuming this is vegetarian jelly and thus vegetable…please don’t correct me if I am wrong!)

I am succeeding in walking more and further. Being outside  – despite the rain, wind and leaden skies, feels good although I am having to rediscover my outdoor togs having lived in lounge (?) wear since last summer. The main problem with the walking seems to be that I can breeze along quite happily but then come to a standing stop, mule like,  without warning and can go no further.

…and the mineral….? Much though I would like it to be diamonds twinkling at some imaginary finish line (or ideally somewhere I could actually reach out and grab them), I think the more appropriate “mineral” is the blinding realisation that you need to be tough as nails to make any progress on this journey.

…and on I go…


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