Waiting for Paul in the cabbage van

Just waiting for my latest Ocado delivery as the fridge is looking a little sparse AGAIN. I have been leafing through my Ottolenghi cookbook after a successful attempt at a dish with giant couscous last week. Who knew it came in so many sizes? I realise that I shouldn’t get too puffed up about succeeding on the starter slopes but I hope to go off piste with some more complicated recipes from “Jerusalem” when the missing components arrive in today’s groceries. Complicated in so far as there is a frightening list of ingredients. If buttermilk doesn’t arrive with the shopping I have to use yoghurt and milk instead and have to start up to a day ahead. A DAY AHEAD? What could possibly go wrong?

Meantime I seem to be in a hospital appointment jungle – 3 appointments in a row and none of them with oncology. First diabetic clinic, then eye hospital (for the mysterious saccadic eye movement disorder) then an echocardiogram – which is being done every couple of months because of possible heart side effects from my pertuzumab medication.

Whilst trying to focus on all this I have had a week of being bombarded every few hours on e-mail by “The Dog’s Doo-dahs” and “Funky Pigeon” because I have not ordered Valentine’s cards or presents from them.  The Dog’s Doo-dah’s for goodness sake! Don’t they realise that I am doing a middle-eastern creation (or not) instead!


5 thoughts on “Waiting for Paul in the cabbage van

  1. h i wendy just catchingupwith all your blogs from thelast wek or so.I HAVE MISSED YOU.Who on earth keeps emptying your fridges?do you shut your cat in there every night?my op is over and done with.I just have to hopalong for the next 8 weeks.hope your foreign cooking turned out okand you keep on the best way YOU alone can..


  2. If you need any advice on all matters couscous or any other Jerusalem type cooking/food mysteries I may be able to unravel them for you as I’ve had 30 years of trying to get to grips with them myself x


  3. Hope the buttermilk arrived! Looking forward to hearing about the success (…..hopefully) of the Jerusalem dish! Happy cooking!

    Tricia xxx


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