Peace in the Middle-East

The Middle- Eastern meal was a success – the kibbeh had bulghur wheat which seemed to flout the right level of “fine-ness”, the sumac added the required tang and the fattoush which featured “red meat water melon radishes” (which I am assured are vegetable) and included the buttermilk based dressing was divine.  But no sooner have I come to grips with Ottolenghi’s larder essentials when I discover an exciting sounding ingredient that I have not heard of previously – “silan” – and who knows what that is?

Cooking aside I am beginning to panic about  impending medical interventions. I must be feeling stronger now to be able to let these feelings impinge. Back surgery now looms if oncology allow me to proceed with this, if not it will be breast surgery first. One way or another it seems that the knives are out for me.

I go to see if my heart is functioning normally on Tuesday, which will be a regular 3 month engagement. Meantime I am still suffering from skin malfunction. My right arm has had an infected rash which has been dragging on since last autumn despite months of antibiotics and ointment from the dermatology clinic and, whilst it should be the least of my medical worries, it makes me feel constantly “itchy & scratchy”. Oh joy!

As if this wasn’t enough – I have also entered into a rather different dark recess as it is time (by necessity rather than choice) to change my mobile phone. I can hear many of you saying “what mobile phone?” as I haven’t exactly been keeping up with the technology. In fact when you look up my phone model on ebay it is classified as vintage! I know I wind everybody up by not even switching my phone on unless I need to use it (on some rare occasion) or am expecting a call…I know…I know… Whilst I feel fairly IT literate and confident, there is something about even mentioning phones that sends me into a spin. I don’t even understand the lingo – “sim card” is only on the outer edges of my consciousness so I am the true village idiot trying to select a phone when I don’t even understand the options. Watch out world I may soon be connected.


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