De-toxed & re-toxed

Just back from a brief de-tox and re-tox on a 24 hour spa deal, close to home. I enjoyed 2 swims and lots of steaming with a head and shoulder massage to boot, which I hope served to stimulate my hair follicles! Interesting spa – the first time I have had a “treatment” where no questions were asked about health and any medical conditions. Wonder if they just looked at me and knew that couldn’t possibly do anything that would worsen my health!

The remainder of the time was spent wining and dining – preceded by cocktails. We were treated to “Ruthie Specials” – gin, elderflower and prosecco which, rather like Pimms, slipped down very easily but packed a silent and knockout punch!

The hotel seemed very proud of its large comfy beds with soft sheets, plump pillows, body hugging duvets and “indulgent mattress toppers”. Doesn’t this cover most pillows, duvets and sheets? All rooms also offer the Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage programme. This comprises a “relaxing aromatherapy kit to help aid a good night’s sleep”. Whether it was the Sleep Advantage programme, the cocktails or the massage – I was out like a light.

Now home and exhausted from all this relaxation.


3 thoughts on “De-toxed & re-toxed

  1. Dear Wendy,
    You continue to make me laugh, – you are really something else…!
    The cocktail recipe sounds like a good one to add to my truly stylish repertoire, which includes Tony’s Cosmopolitan, G&T, Bacardi & Coke, Kir, and most varieties that feature a combination of alcohol and a splash of fruit juice (always keen to reach my ‘5 a day’ target, whatever it takes ).

    I’m off to Norway again next week for more cuddles 🙂
    How would you feel about meeting up Friday the 28th ?
    Maybe I could just pop in to say hi, or , even better, meet for lunch in Summertown after yoga around midday, perhaps with Margaret ?
    If you want a great yoga session, go to Denise’s beginner’s class at 9 am at Marston Ferry Leisure Centre. She’s the best yoga teacher in Oxfordshire.

    Hope you’ll continue to feel fitter and better, – now that Spring’s definitely on its way! xxxx


  2. you are amazing Wendy the way every single blog you do,seems to make me smile.
    Glad you enjoyed the time at the Spa. It sounds though a great deal of drinking is involved. Is that the real reason for the visit?

    Love to you as always


  3. envious of(only  some) of yourlife not a drop of the hard stuff has passed my lips since simon’s at christmas’ waiting for him to come and stock me up. fridge as well.remember a bit of what you fancy does you good.good luck with your next appointments.thinking of you.x


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