Lady in waiting I am back in the big waiting room. Tomorrow I have another round of treatment and see the oncologist with my list of questions…I suspect my top question may remain unanswered – will I be able to proceed with back surgery for which I now have a date, or will mastectomy have to come first? I know that I will need to have more scans before any breast surgery and maybe it is too soon to have those…and on we go…I’ll just have to wait.

Energy levels are very low – I reckon I could sleep round the full 24 hours and more if given the chance. I have re-started the painkillers for my back which are, I think, what is knocking me out. It reminds me of Valley of the Dolls whose constant backdrop was endless rounds of “uppers” and “downers” but, if I remember correctly both were also taken as diet pills so that you were  hyper-active or did indeed just sleep days away and as a consequence did not eat. We are not in this territory! The fridge is full and I am still kept awake by its full/half full contents or the guilt of a lesser than half full fridge!

Better get down to the swimming pool and re-energise!


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