More questions than answers

That pesky arm rash that I have been dealing with since last summer may be more worrying than originally thought and now unveils itself to be more like a landscape of suppurating sores than itchy patches. I had an “urgent” appointment with dermatology this week and they have referred me for an “urgent” biopsy. Whether it is “urgent” because I can’t have surgery with an infection going on, or a side-effect of the medication or whether there is something more sinister going on, is anyone’s guess. I set off for these appointments with my normal questioning and curious head on but, once in the consulting room, seem to slump into full-on accepting patient mode where I hardly speak and cannot conjure up the questions I knew I wanted to ask. It is not even that I don’t want to know, I do…but my formulating questions facility just ups and goes as I enter hospital premises.

Still a trip round the whole medical circuit next week – lots of departments to challenge my questioning skills….GP on Monday, medical photography and breast surgeons at John Radcliffe on Wednesday, biopsy at Churchill on Thursday and pre-op at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre on Friday. Possibly even scan results this week too…Maybe then I may be due a week off the medics.

Seem to be bobbing along in my little life raft on the crest of a wave, the spray from the spume tickling my face – gingerly skipping over the powerful undertow that keeps trying to get me!

I am also dressed for the life raft in a T-shirt that tells everyone “I’m kind of a big deal on my blog”. Sense of humour has not yet abandoned ship!


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