My right boob tried to kill me…

My 100th blog…never thought I would be able to rant on to this extent!

As my right boob tried to kill me I am not giving it a second chance. Two hospital appointments down this week and progress is being made. It was relief to hear that my recent scans were “really good” showing virtual elimination of disease in my lymph nodes and no signs of any change anywhere else which means that the treatment I am on (herceptin and pertuzumab) is doing its stuff with gay abandon!

With this in mind we move on to mastectomy (because the diseased breast still shows residual signs of the cancer both in the breast and in the skin). I will have 2 breast reduction options for the non-diseased side. I need to discuss this with breast nurse who will show me photographs to help me decide, one option with nipple, one without. Can’t help thinking of eye tests when they ask you can see any difference with or without the lens and I rarely can – “Is it better with..or without?”…Rather feel I am going to look distinctly odd any which way!

Because of my type 1 diabetes it is important that I have as short an operation as possible, so options of both reconstruction and implants are taken away, especially as I will have as much skin removed, from the offending breast, as possible. And so…I enter prosthesis world.

It is good news indeed that they are no longer considering a lymphadenectomy (taking out all the previously diseased lymph nodes) which would make me high risk for lymphoedema…or a big swollen arm in layman’s terms! So whilst I may not be going topless – I will at least be able to T-shirt happily! Stuart asked (as a joking aside) the surgeon about NHS resources available for buying a new wardrobe after the op and guess what…it turns out that Macmillan do have grants available for this very purpose.

I can also have my own swimming costume “adapted” if I want – think I am getting into realms of information that are decidedly odd…next one is about bras…and beyond! I can hardly wait! There will also be radiotherapy after all this to make sure lymph area is well and truly zapped to as far away as it can be dispatched.

I still have to go to the orthopaedic appointment on Friday about my back surgery but the breast surgery has now been pencilled in for 31 March which seems alarmingly close.


4 thoughts on “My right boob tried to kill me…

  1. Caught up with the couple of latest entries and wanted to send you lots and lots of love. So much going on, I can imagine you are beyond fed up with the JR/Churchill facilities. Maybe an op date soonish is good, one more hurdle down? Love and all the positives I can possibly think of to send to you xxx


  2. Sounds a ‘constructive’ outcome Wendy! So glad you have a date not too far away, Paul and I send you our fondest love. Cannot believe you have done 100 blogs.
    Anne x x x


    1. 31st – scary but better sooner and done with. I am glad I am not the only one at the optician who cannot see any difference! Love and hugs, Chris xx
      PS: It was great to see you


  3. Honestly, sometimes boobs get ahead themselves. Just because every man in a room addresses them directly when speaking, does not mean they can “do in” their host! I hear the left one always thought the right one was a bit jumped up anyway.

    The 100th post has been the best post! Much love, H


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