Dr Ross & I

I am finding that my mind is sprinting off in all types of random directions as it juggles with the bizarre components of my life. The latest of these is pondering celebrities who visit “the sick” in hospital…Usually, so far as I can make out, the shocked/surprised patient is stunned into silence by the presence of their hero/heroine. What a waste! If, by any chance, someone is quietly arranging a bedside visit from George Clooney for me, I would just like to say that I won’t be too starstruck to talk to him and am sure I can engage him in playful banter for some time. I am using this “waiting time” before hospital admission, productively, and am now well prepared for such an eventuality. I have even been practising my “surprised” look, coy smile and effusive greeting!

I have checked out George’s PR, publicist and booking agent – all of whom appear to be in LA!  (This is how I spend my days….a girl can dream!)


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