On the launch pad – countdown begins…

Op all confirmed for Monday…looks like I will be first on list – I casually mentioned to the pre-op assessment team that I guessed it was to get the difficult one out of the way first. That raised a nervous titter and a rather delayed reassurance that “of course that is not the case it is only because you are diabetic”. Really?

I had to fill in one (of many) questionnaires – this one being an A4 page of things you might be worried about when you go to surgery – you had to grade each item from 0 – 10 (10 being extraordinarily worried). It included all sorts of random things like “pins and needles” to “housework”. It didn’t have any of the things I am extraordinarily worried about eg diabetic control, where my clothes might be when I am in surgery, whether the cats will be fed/happy in my absence and how soon I may be able to have a glass of wine…

I was also asked about how careful they had to be of my back whilst moving me about…Not sure what the answer to that is, as I assume the norm must be to move patients as carefully as they are able. I did add that I might need a cocoon of pure silk sheets and to be laid upon soft sheepskin. If they were expecting “difficult” might as well act the part! My expectation is that all patients will be treated with kid gloves!

I need to ring and confirm my “booking” on Friday…which just leaves dental treatment tomorrow, stitches out Thursday before the final countdown. Fortunately skin biopsy revealed nothing of note.

Whilst I move forward on my cancer journey…I had news that one of my dearest friends today received a diagnosis of mouth cancer. Whilst I am obviously in a “perfect” position to “mentor” her, I would prefer not to. Inevitably this highlights (yet again) the ubiquity of this horrible disease and my heart is breaking…


3 thoughts on “On the launch pad – countdown begins…

  1. first of all congrats on your 100th blog. however do you do it?now good luck for monday.go to sleep dreaming of georgeand what you would like him to do apart from jump on a plane to hold your hand.La is good in feb but you could be there before then.keep a jar by your bed for visitors contributions towards your convalescence in la.put me down for 10 euro..best wishes and very gentle hugs.


  2. Your positive attitude and continuing sense of humour is fantastic. Under the circumstances I suppose I have to agree to stand back and let George Clooney come to your bed side!! As soon as you are improving, please note HE IS MINE!!! I will be thinking about you on Monday. Lots of love.


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