Will these hands ne-er be clean?

Whoo-hoo – I have had my last medical intervention before the big day….dental work done, stitches out so I am almost oven-ready (as it were). Lots of last minute preparations for Monday. I have my orders, for Sunday evening – I need to “become” (?) as “sterile” as possible before I arrive at hospital the next day…showering, hair-washing, clean “nightie” (mimed in a Miranda Hart kind of way), clean bedclothes before bed and repeat during night if I can’t sleep…I wasn’t worried about not sleeping before that suggestion…. And no mention made of either Stuart or cats – is the assumption that I won’t go near them or is it that they couldn’t possibly mind the night-long Lady Macbeth diversions? Who knows? Not sure our car is the most sterile of environments either, but I’m not going to over-fret about sterility!

Instead…I have created my own list of worries:

  • The state of the fridge…but….all things being equal Steve in the raspberry van will visit on Saturday morning and re-stock.
  • How long will my Kindle battery hold out whilst in hospital?
  • What if my “nightie” is not a “nightie”?
  • All the washing that will be created by the umpteen bed linen changes – just before I go AWOL
  • When will I be home again?
  • When will I be fit enough to blog?

I can’t pretend that there is not a level of anxiety about being cut open and re-designed but I don’t think that anything can be worse than chemo, and I managed that, so bring it on! What could possibly go wrong?….


9 thoughts on “Will these hands ne-er be clean?

  1. Just got back on to bt so doing catchup on emails.
    Wish you every good wish for Monday. Will be thinking about you especially
    Much love to you from
    Leo and Margaret


  2. Wishing you all the very best for Monday, will be thinking of you loads. You’ll soon be home, with plenty of fridge diving to look forward to . Love and hugs Ally xxx


  3. Wendy thinking of you lots and lots on Monday – we all are. Good to be first on list to have it done with. Lots of love ulla xx


  4. Dear wonderful Wendy, compared with what you have already been through, this should be a breeze. You will be home to your fridge, (and a mountain of washing by the sounds of it), before you know it! X


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