Home again!

I am now back at the ranch – complete with a range of tasteful hospital accessories. Delightful drainage bag with very long tube (that I have already caught on door handle and managed to detach) and this sits in a special William Morris like bag – which, without, the long bloody tube hanging from it, could…at the stretch of someone’s imagination..possibly be a shoulder bag. This will be in situ for approx a week but maybe less…

My chest has been seriously re-arranged into a concave dip on the right and something resembling a C cup on the other side – although, because of swelling, it is hard to know just yet…I have my “softie” bra (complete with kapok stuffing) in case I want to go out and look “normal”…..NORMAL??? Are you joking? Trailing my blood and pus over my shoulder…Hmmmmm…..

Hospital experience (aside from the 2 hour discharge) was fabulous. Joined up thinking, with a complete team of reassuring and switched on clinicians, carers, catering staff and cleaners…Diabetes care was just perfect…and fortunately went exactly as my team had told me..I was managing my own insulin within 3 hours of operation. Nothing that the “carry on” pre-op “nightie” nurse told me, was true…with no-one checking my sterility on arrival!

Discharge advice did not even mention the word alcohol – either imbibing or not-imbibing, so will, as ever, do as I choose…




10 thoughts on “Home again!

  1. Lovely to read your blog. So impressed that you have written so soon and even posted a picture of yourself in hospital. Glad it all went so well, including the diabetes control. Do you want visitors or not yet? Lots of love, Harriet x


  2. Great to read your blog so soon after getting home, as usual very entertaining.
    Continue to take care of yourself.

    Love Sandra xx


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