Hell’s Bells

Hell’s bells…I am obviously proceeding up the medical rankings. Yesterday I was treated by Dr Champagne – how marvellous! Once “nothing sinister” was found on my skin biopsy I had assumed that my skin rash (yes…still there…since last summer) would be left to its own devices…but no, it appears that Dr Champagne wants to get to the cause and attempt to cure it. More tests were taken and a new range of dermatological supplies given (which seem to come in tubes or pumps that look as though they will last a year!). Back again in a month.

I tentatively pulled at my waterproof breast dressings this morning and have now revealed my “new” small breast. It looks very “me” – if that makes any sense at all! Dressings on the other side did not seem to want to say goodbye just yet and so I have left them in situ…This means I am rather half and half but, suppose I still will be when all dressings are off, that’s the new me…half and half…

Still awaiting my post-op appointment so I can find out what interventions are planned for me next…


4 thoughts on “Hell’s Bells

  1. There is nothing worse than an interesting medical condition! He is prob bored with eczema and psoriasis and you present a challenge!


  2. Just wondering what his middle name was ? Bollinger, perhaps?
    Reminds me that we, i.e. Tony, was given a very special bottle of Bollinger 2004 a couple of weeks ago, as he left his job of the last 10 years, 2004 – 2014.
    So we opened it with great ceremony, deciding it was not too much of a challenge to get through a bottle between two , – which turned out to be accurate….
    It slipped down very easily, divided between a home made ‘high tea’ ceremony including chocolate-dipped strawberries, and early evening drinks.
    ‘Carpe diem’ !
    Hope you recover well and quickly, and glad to hear you’re enjoying your new chest size. Gro xxxx


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