At the crossroads

2 days until my post-op appointment with the surgeon…2 days until I find out whether there are to be more interventions or not…in 2 days it could be one of 2 things (hey..possibly more but I haven’t let my mind stray in that direction). So…either, no new treatments required and just continue with my “forever” treatment of intravenous pertuzumab and herceptin every 3 weeks OR radiotherapy is added into the mix. Depends what histology has shown.

There will, naturally, be the post-surgery inspection of needlework…To me it looks like clutches of skin pinched together with a form of running stitch, with lots of gathers and lots of numbness. I think this is “normal”. Left side bruising is yellow and black, right side is red and black – all very colourful and, I suspect, “normal” but I think my chest looks like a display of rainbow chard! Yes! – “normal”.

If no radiotherapy is prescribed this would mean that I am as good as I am getting so it will be time to think about regaining stamina and returning to work/life. If it is radiotherapy, it will be rather slower as they will not start this until at least late May and it will be 3 or 4 rounds of daily treatment (5 days out of 7).

I, at last, have a thick crop of hair…albeit short and grey but I like it. This is providing a whole new area of shopping possibilities. I understand – from that impeccable source “Woman & Home” magazine that grey hair should be washed in purple shampoo…I can’t remember why but just wonder how you identify purple coloured shampoo on the shelf when it sits in the container … or maybe “purple shampoo” is a type of shampoo…All advice welcomed! I am assuming that this is an enriching type of shampoo rather than the modern blue rinse!


6 thoughts on “At the crossroads

  1. Purple shampoo is purple and also a type of shampoo to keep blonde hair more blonde (it fights against blonde going yellow). I love it. Maybe it has same effect on grey hair? Though I doubt grey hair would go yellow if you didnt use purple shampoo. Oh and the container is also purple. All thoughts with you in 2 days’ time. Xxxx


  2. Shampoo is called Pro Voke – a touch of silver. They have it in Boots also seen it in Poundshop. I use it but must say can’t see any difference! It’s all in the mind so one must keep using it just in case there IS a difference! Cx


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