Whoa…let’s not get too optimistic!

One morning – 2 hospitals, 3 clinicians…I was back in the Breast Clinic today and saw the lovely consultant I first saw back last summer who gave me my diagnosis. She is still worried about my lymph glands which she can feel. Bottom line is that I WILL be having radiotherapy but may possibly need a biopsy in my lymph glands which, depending on the results, may send me back for further surgery before radiotherapy (or, may not). There will be a team meeting with my “case” next Wednesday when all clinicians who have treated me are back after the Easter break, and so I have another appointment the same day as this meeting to see what has been decided.

Yesterday I was feeling all re-born like all the spring flowers and blossom and set to increase my stamina before getting back to work…today I feel, at best, back in the waiting room, at worst thrown back to the reality of cancer metastases and that, maybe, I won’t ever be “well”.

I then had to zip over to another hospital to have fluid drained from my mastectomy side which I understand is called a seroma, and is “normal”. It may well be “normal” but having over 500ml of red wine (or rosé perhaps) coloured fluid extracted by needle was not previously in my range of “normal” daily activity.

Drat…and double drat!



7 thoughts on “Whoa…let’s not get too optimistic!

  1. hey all my love wendy. we’re all behind you and sending positive energy!! your team sounds like they know what they are doing so they will know all the tricks in the book. xxx


  2. That damned right boob of yours is like a jealous ex-girlfriend that just won’t leave. Take heart, if previous relationships are any guide, one or two dramatic episodes can be expected before she finally gets the message and pisses off for good. Hang in there. Much Love and hugs x


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