Shooting the breeze

Merrily bumbling through the week waiting for “news” of what the medics have in store for me on Wednesday. When I think sensibly about it, I am convinced that “looking into” my lymph glands with biopsy and possible further surgery may be a red herring. The surgeon spoke to me post-mastectomy and said that my lymph glands, (or is it nodes?) looked fine and that he had positively decided that there was no clinical need to remove any. But…when did I ever think about things sensibly so…in my more panicky moments, I think that maybe this is the way of second opinions and that “they” may decide to “go in” after all.

I swing back and forth. It is only 2 days now so I should just enjoy the reprieve of thinking that everything is good, even if that puts radiotherapy sitting on the near horizon.

I have spent the time usefully in full retail therapy mode, so whatever I face…I face it, for want of a better phrase, dressed to kill!


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