Shooting From The Hip!

Whilst I may be having my first bad hair day for some time…which, you understand is a good thing, as it means my hair is now sprouting enough to be unruly..nothing else is bad about today…Today is my red letter day!

Just back from the hospital and the verdict is no biopsy….no more surgery…and no radiotherapy…I’m “better” (albeit with provisos that this may not mean forever…but what does forever mean anyway?). Just the 3 weekly treatment which will continue and regular scans to see if anything pops up…otherwise I’m good to go!

I am “celebrating” with a gym session (which I arranged yesterday) so that a trainer can help me regain my stamina which seems a good start to getting back to the real world. I am sure I will find other ways to celebrate later on….



21 thoughts on “Shooting From The Hip!

  1. This is amazing!!! SO so so so happy to hear this Wendy. Been thinking of you all morning, thank you for updating us so soon. Gym? Haha, sounds like I have no excuse. Love xxx


  2. Brilliant news Wendy – what a relief and well done for getting this far and coping with all the ups and downs – we think you are great!


  3. That’s really great news! I’m SO happy for you!
    Enjoy your unruly hair……may need a box of hair gel….
    Lots of Love, Gro


  4. Ohh Wendy I’m so very happy for you!! Brilliant news, your humour and bravery are an inspiration. Much love to you and yours x B


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