Green shoots

Now last week’s news has started to sink in I feel like I am setting off from my previous crossroads with more of a swing in my step. My regular 3 weekly treatment happens again on Tuesday but I sense that I may start facing this differently now I know this will be the only treatment. Hard to feel smug when sitting in a room of people (being pumped with drugs) at every stage of cancer, who I now feel more than ever, are my crowd! However I am sure that the experience will be far less stressful.

Meantime I am back to fretting the small stuff….When did a sorting office (for parcels) become a “sortation facility”? Why, when I try and take a “selfie” of the “new” me to put on the blog does none of the dozens of pictures I have (so far!) taken look anything like me? …and why..oh why does it take so little time to lose stamina and yet take so long to regain it? (same could apply to hair!)



3 thoughts on “Green shoots

  1. Hi Wendy. Have just caught up with your news from New York. I am so glad for you. It is brilliant news. I am looking forward to another La Cuccuna meeting with the gang to celebrate when I get back. With love xx


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