V difficile

Around the house the family joke (?) is that I may have been given the world’s best wonder drug but it doesn’t seem to have cured me of v difficile! As you can imagine I find this rather less hilarious than everybody else BUT was hoist my own petard today…as, true to form I have been trying to run before I can walk…

So..had a lovely morning drinking coffee in the garden with a friend…the sun was shining and I decided that I could enjoy my afternoon by taking myself off to the garden centre so I could get busy (planting and growing stuff!) over the weekend. Despite the fact that I have local friends who could and would come with me, I figured that I was fine on my own-io (I am well!) and so off I went!  Had a lovely time, feeling like myself (my old self), browsing “stuff” and making decisions. How can decision making about garden plants be affected, I laughed..I am well! That was fine, but what was less fine, was the realisation that if I bought all these plants I had garnered I would also require potting compost and why miss out on a deal when 3×50 litre bags was such a bargain? So far so good…except I then had to put the 3 sacks on the trolley, get to the checkout, get from checkout to car and put it in the car and the same in reverse at home. managed it all (despite the fact that the 5 people behind me in the checkout queue overtook me on the way to the car park. Of course…I still didn’t clock any problem…I am well, after all…And..of course, even at this stage, I could have left everything in the car and asked one of my many neighbours who would have only been too happy to help me, unload it.

But no….I had to do it myself…I am well! I was feeling more than smug with the day’s achievement…and even thinking of getting digging and planting, when I was home in the garden then I collapsed, the full monty…head spinning, arms and chest aching and down flat on the ground…Fortunately (or unfortunately) depending on your point of view…the cats had not been fed and it was well past their regular tea time so they came to see what the heck was happening to their schedule and, as a result of this cupboard love,  kept nudging me until I came to…or at least, that’s what I think happened. Some time had certainly passed….at least it was warm and dry outside…

OK – Obviously doing more than I should…obviously matching my “v difficile” moniker rather more than I would like to think….Sigh….

Will sit “safely” in front of Masterchef tonight and will try, really hard to “do” nothing further today. Tomorrow, as they say…is another day!



2 thoughts on “V difficile

  1. Hi Wendy,

    It is so hard to let other people do things for you! Oh, to be a spoilt Princess….. 2 years ago I had a horrid op. My gluteal tendon had torn (old squash injury from many, many years ago) and was steadily getting worse. So I had the damn thing reattached (involved boring holes thru the hip bone, threading thru carbon fibre, wrapping said fibre around the torn bits, and then clamping it all back on to the bone). It was sore and took ages to get better (I still limp) and I was forced to ask for help. I hated it and still do.

    Be a martyr. Ask. Why not? Give people the “yichus” to feel they are doing a mitzvah.

    Bev Jacobson
    Library Co-ordinator

    [Campion Education]
    Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd
    7 Oxleigh Drive, Malaga WA 6090

    t 08 6240 2712
    f 08 6240 2799
    m 0434 954 554
    e bjacobson@campion.com.au
    w http://www.campion.com.au / http://www.elandmark.com.au / http://www.mcgills.com.au / http://www.edsoft.com.au

    abn 33 074 318 602


  2. Wendy, you crazy lady! Thank goodness for cats (and I don’t think I would be saying that ever to be fair). Enjoy planting once you feel “better” and it gets warmer! Way too cold at moment for gardening xx


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