A nudge in the guts

Just heard this morning that one of “my people” i.e. with exactly the same diagnosis as me (inflammatory breast cancer) diagnosed in the same month last year in Oxford, died before Christmas. Only apparent difference was that she left it a year before going to GP to obtain a diagnosis…Oh..how fragile life is…

The very clear lesson from this is to consult your GP at the earliest opportunity if you think something is wrong. Your GP surgery is one of the many amazing services that we have available to us in the NHS. Use them wisely! Let me praise in particular, the whole team at my own GP surgery, St Clements in Oxford and my GP – Dr Bratby who referred me so, so speedily…



2 thoughts on “A nudge in the guts

  1. so sorry to hear one of your “people ” passed away ,
    Hope you are having a bit of a rest today after your exploits yesterday.

    Love Sandra


  2. Hi Wendy just catching up with all your news, so very pleased to read of your red letter day just take things easy not too much too soon !! Would love to see you sometime let me know when x


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