Audrey Hepburn would have been 85 today

For decades when I have shopped for clothes I transmogrify (hope this is the right word!) into  Audrey Hepburn. I know that even in my better days this was so far from the truth as the statement  tends to cause loud cackles from all I share this with…and it could also be the reason I have so many of the wrong clothes (and shoes) for every occasion, but a girl can dream….I do remember wearing a black polo neck sweater and slim fit black trousers (back in the day) when I actually spent whole days thinking that I was Audrey Hepburn…

If she was still alive today, at 85, I imagine she would still be glamour personified…like me, of course…One boob, grey haired Wendy with the permanent skin rash…Hey ho…Will have to magic my own glamour!

Back to hospital this week to see the wonderfully named Dr Champagne (in Dermatology) again. Maybe she will have results of the further investigations on my ever spreading leprosy-like skin rash and maybe – just maybe…a solution…Next week my back procedure. What would Audrey have done?


One thought on “Audrey Hepburn would have been 85 today

  1. hi Wendy,she would have done just what you are going to do .,what you have been doing all along,just getting on with it.grin and bear (bare )it I just thank goodness it was only the hair and not the teeth I lost. Good Luck with the back op.


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