A new way of getting dressed

So…the conveyor belt stutters forward…

Yesterday into the office (forward planning on a return to work) – tomorrow the world…? Unfortunately between a and b I am having to learn to get dressed. I have acquired a new right breast – in gel form, that in theory, “just slips into your bra” – the mastectomy, pocketed bra, that is…it seems rather like potty putty to me – if you know what I mean?

This new body part does not have a name (other than prosthesis!) – just a serial number, which seems a shame after the personification of the wig catalogue…maybe it is thought that having a gel boob is the route to recovery when things don’t need a name, just a number…Shapewear has never felt so personal! It has its own bedside box where it has to rest overnight to regain its shape…I am not even going to try and get my head round that concept!

Inevitably this “next stage” morphs into a further retail necessity for other “breast forms” and “shapers” alongside “pocketed” lingerie, swimwear, “accessories” and lounge and leisure wear (whatever that all is…..) At a first glance (4 catalogues and 6 websites) the swimwear generally seems to be very loud. Whilst I remain unafraid to shoot my mouth off about the breast cancer ordeal, I am not sure I want to wear the shouty swimwear to match my mouth…Still..as I still have some weeks before I can swim, I can webpage shop a little longer.


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