Gold star student

Any type of sporting activity (doing not watching) has never been my bag…I refused to climb a rope at a young age because, even then I knew that I was never going to NEED this skill so why waste the effort trying? I was still not even pretending to understand the rules of lacrosse 8 years after I received my lacrosse stick and its chaste appearance became a true badge of honour. Trying to get me running round a running track was impossible. You really can’t “force” anybody to run or, for that matter, do long jump or high jump….Nonetheless, cancer seems to have changed my motivation to exercise and today has been my Olympic podium moment….(of sorts!)

There I was at the gym (again) still trying to figure out why the clock ticks so slowly, how my legs could still be moving when my heart was in free-fall and just how red my face was when AT LAST, my 15 minute ordeal was over and I fell off the odious cross-trainer. One of the personal trainers standing nearby pointed at me and declared in too loud a voice “Now that’s how you should all look if you have been training hard”….As I already had a bright red face, I couldn’t blush any further . Do I really want to be the icon of a hard workout? N’ah….jeez….surely it must be time to go back to the swimming pool where all the activity happens under the surface.

The swimming pool still holds its own particular problems of what swimwear I should get (click here to see previous blog on the swimwear dilemma which as yet remains unresolved!)…You may or may not get linked to blog “A new way of getting dressed” – when testing this, sometimes it links, sometimes it doesn’t….blog working in the same way that I am!…

And so…I sit, idly waiting for the phone call from the Dermatology Department who have their “special” meeting about me today.  I imagine it being held, rather like I imagine, defence of the realm COBRA meetings. In reality I suspect it is a few people squeezed into too small a space, scratching their heads – unsure of what is happening and what they can do with me and my leprosy…and after that maybe they will forget to phone…


One thought on “Gold star student

  1. Hi, good for you to go to The Gym. I quite agree about exercise – can be v boring and tedious … are inspiring me into activity. Keep up the good work. Following you every day still, I’m disappointed when there is not a new episode to read! Thinking of you loads, love Ally xx


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