Groundhog Day

Amazing what can become “normal”. Today I have been for another set of CT scans, which I have 3 monthly. The staff now know me…from the receptionist “nice to see you again” to the technicians who now know I come wearing clothes with no metal bits, so I can go in the machine dressed as I am (oven-ready?)…I no longer think it is strange to be injected with the dye that gives the contrast “pictures” and I don’t even think that the feeling, when the dye goes in, is odd. (This is a sense of having an internal heater suddenly blasting out at its highest setting, a metallic taste in my mouth and having the impression that  I have wet myself). Nothing strange about any of this for me…this is part of the “new” normal.

The results of course…that’s another matter…but 3 weeks until I get those, so plenty of time to get back to fretting about dermatology.

My skin is a puzzle to all. The consultants are split between what they think. It is unlikely to be a drug reaction as these tend to present in several areas of the body, not just one. However…whether a new type of drug could provoke a different type of reaction is remaining on the list of food for thought.

“Have the antibiotics made the problem any better?” I was asked

“ difference whatsoever”

“Well, maybe try doubling the dose 2 weeks after you started” was the response

Hmmm…will this make them “not work” at double speed?




2 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. Perhaps try radical non intervention (yes truly this is a known course), and stop the antibiotics! If there’s no change then clearly they are not the right remedy and your body will be one drug better off.
    Good luck with it all, you clearly need a days diversion, perhaps in Woodstock!


  2. did the “leprosy”startbefore or after the paddlle/swim in the sea??? Have you ever thought of changing careers and becoming a stand up comedienne? Just a though butI ‘d miss your blogs if you did


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