In many ways I feel better BUT it seems that head/brain and body are not working on the same timeline. I had a lovely day out on Friday and then went along to support Cakes & Prosecco (which was being held at the office).   I was home by 6pm but have spent the entire weekend unable to do anything bar sleeping and lounging about. How can I still feel THIS tired from doing so little?

It is back to the gym tomorrow and although I feel like I am making small progress I still have to “rest” after the near death experiences in there. Surely by now, I ought to have more stamina? Surely?

On Tuesday I am back at the hospital for my regular cancer treatment…and meantime I carry on with double dose antibiotics which are making no difference, twice over, to my leprous arm. Is this what life now is?

On a positive note, I have finally found a wallchart for the football World Cup, which has large enough print for me to see and fill in!



2 thoughts on “Inchworm

  1. Keep doing what you do lady! We are off to the Algarve for two weeks – and we too have a nice large print wall chart, all very excited about World Cup! Lots of love, see you soon xx


  2. Don’t beat yourself up Wendy.
    You have made such great progress. Just keep doing what your body lets you do

    Just get the wine out and enjoy the footie!.


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