Is it sunshine or medicine?

Woken up today and I wouldn’t go so far as to say my arm is better BUT it is showing definite signs of improvement, still itchy but but no longer seeping pustules. Maybe it’s not leprosy after all….This must be good news…but what is it down to? Sitting in the warm sunshine or the extra antibiotics?

Further good news in that I have heard my latest scans are clear, showing nothing new and no spread…

So I am now waiting for the 3rd piece of good news…a win on premium bonds? a slim lithe body without any effort? England winning the World Cup? Or is it only bad stuff that comes in threes?


7 thoughts on “Is it sunshine or medicine?

  1. Lucky girl – you have sunshine. Today was the coldest day of the year. 3C this morning and 18C at lunchtime. We do not know how to cope!

    I am glad you are not leprous. Not a good look

    Bev xxxxxx

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  2. Great news about your scans Wend. The third piece of good news is that it is really hot and sunny today and you don’t have to work and can laze around in the sun reading a good book – can’t wait to get home about 4pm and do the same!! J x


  3. Fantastic news on the scans…..what a relief! Hope you’ve enjoyed the sun and a good book. Lots of love Ally xxxx


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