The leper colony for me

Diseased arm improving daily BUT what do you know other arm now ramping up to take over on the leprous stakes…Really?

I have not fallen into the “Why me?” trap until now, thinking “Why not me?” but suddenly my attitude has changed and the “why me?” is dominating my thoughts…Don’t I get a break? cancer…diabetes…maculopathy….spondylolisthesis…one boob…”getting fit” AND leprosy….

Next week I go back to see oncology consultant for the first time since surgery…given that my scans were OK I am hoping this appointment will be a walk in the park. Meantime I continue to struggle with the impossibilities of the gym – no part of me could be described as anything resembling “fine-honed” – which is a daily despair. Maybe I will be the fit one on the leper colony – I guess everything is relative….


One thought on “The leper colony for me

  1. Were you “fine-honed” before all this. Are you striving for a new you (we like the old one) or getting back to where you were – is your memory playing more tricks!


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