I can’t believe the avalanche of love and support that has come through since yesterday’s blog. I so appreciate it all. I really don’t feel able to contact you all individually as I am just overwhelmed, but you all know who you are…and lying low does not mean down and out. For the time being I am OK having the new experience of being tossed around by the prevailing wind, like tumbleweed –   aimless, rootless, hollow, up and down.

I have seen my hospital consultant today and 5 consultants later it has been agreed that the “leprosy” is indeed a reaction to pertuzumab, the wonder drug. Someone else has had the same symptoms as me…(I wonder how they described them to the medical community). On the evidence available it has been decided that a year of treatment with this drug may be enough, so just 2 more rounds to go and then I may be able to get back into my own skin! Not the end of the drug treatment full stop as I will continue with Herceptin every 3 weeks indefinitely BUT I can have that done at home, so with the end of leprosy in sight and a reduction in hospital visits that sounds like a good news day….


3 thoughts on “Tumbleweed

  1. So glad they have found the reason for the “leprosy” , and hopefully as you say much less time spent at the hospital.

    Thinking of you with much love


  2. Wendy, we are with you. Lots of love winging your way from Oz. (and extreme anger aimed at someone else).

    Bev xxxx
    Bev Jacobson
    Library Co-ordinator

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  3. Well done for blogging – it takes a strong person to be able to at a time like now, please don’t lie low for too long …..you are such a fantastic person and you can reap what you sow in due course. Hugs and love Ally xxxx


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