Let’s be honest…

I started this blog so that I could be honest about the way things were….shame my husband couldn’t be honest with me. Even when I asked the direct question…several times…

So it is true mid-life crisis, this “different life”. Now I understand….It means that he is carrying on with one of my best friends. But…he didn’t leave me “because of that…” – so that’s all right then..? A steamroller lack of respect from 2 people I both confided in, trusted, and counted on. “I never wanted it to happen” doesn’t quite cut it, does it? And from a friend, who should know better, who I helped and supported when her husband walked out on her. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

I had wondered if the army of snails massing by the pond was a portent of something else…and it was…

Whilst I know that it is disaster for both my cancer and diabetes to be stressing and harbouring the most malevolent toxic thoughts, my gut feeling is to wish vitriol and the 7 plagues upon them both, in the hope that this includes the deepest of unhappiness, ill health, despair, loneliness and isolation and even a half of what I’ve been through this year.


10 thoughts on “Let’s be honest…

  1. I can’t put what I truly feel about him,

    But out here Wendy you have many friends who would do anything for you.
    Love always


  2. He is a rat. she is a bitch. Let’s hope they do what rats and bitches do and both get badly bitten. You’re better off without them both. Remember who DO love and care for you.


  3. How could they? I am disgusted. Thoroughly disgusted. What the hell is wrong with people? Wendy, you have the love, admiration and respect of so many friends as evidence d by the outpouring of comments in this blog……I am just one little person in your massive cheering section but please know I am rooting for you.


  4. I feel the same way. Scheisse (i think that’s a German swear word)

    See you tomorrow – looking forward to celebrating with Elaine and B xx


  5. you’re right about the stress and the vitriol being bad for you… but snails, Wend, are lovely (especially up close when I have my glasses on). Think it’s time for a change of scene – check your emails lovey


  6. As a newcomer to your massive cheering section, I just want to add my support and will for you to pull through all this and come out the other side in a happy place. With love, Julia x


  7. I repeat…Bastard! I can say nothing else. I am totally devastated for you and appalled at the shallowness of our fellow humans.

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