Don’t worry, I have Alan

With wedding ring discarded (the wedding ring I wouldn’t remove for my mastectomy op, only 3 months ago ) I turn to my new, reliable companion, Alan. I bought Alan very cheaply and he is to be my new sidekick. He is a red pen bearing the message “Hi, I’m Alan and I’ll be your pen until I run out” – straightforward and honest..just perfect!

So today it is back to the hospital – it’s Monday so it must be Dermatology. Now we know what the leprous rash is I expect there will be little to discuss, except I imagine, the sideshow elements – a host of more  photos and a variety of consultant onlookers to check out its quirky presentation. Unless of course they have other plans which is always a possibility.

Then tomorrow back for more treatment of the leprosy drug. The final dose of this will now be August 12 so the end (of going to the chemo suite, not the treatment) is at last in sight.

I had planned that sometime around now I would have a small party to burn my bras (to symbolise the mastectomy rather than from a feminist perspective but hey..both are good). I let the date for the party drift for obvious reasons. In the meantime I have discovered that a friend’s son is volunteering on a project in Tanzania and high on the list of the things they need for the women of their community is….bras. That seems a far better way to “celebrate” so I have sent my bras to Tanzania. If anyone else would like to do the same, for mastectomy reasons or the million other reasons why we abandon bras, let me know and I will let you have the address where you can send them (in London).

I could of course still burn the chemo headwear but it doesn’t have the same ring as “bras in the brazier”


2 thoughts on “Don’t worry, I have Alan

  1. Hi Wend. still thinking of you. Just back from a whole and expensive (from a car parking point of view) morning at the Marsden having a pet scan. I have really bad sciatica and havent slept for 6 weeks. The consultant is very up beat about it. “Lets hope its the cancer because we can deal with that” he says. IS cancer better than a slipped disc? That is my question of the week. Oh well, will know my fate tomorrow afternoon,.

    Much love, Ronnie


  2. Dear Wendy,
    As I hope you know, you have been in my mind and my heart these past couple of weeks, since your devastating news. It feels like there is just nothing that anyone can say that will help even slightly at this stage. But you have many, many friends, wishing you well and sending you love. Hope you feel it.
    Back to Alan, the pen, and the state of affairs. I detect a slight sense of humour there, true to form 🙂 BUT: What have you done with GEORGE!?? That’s what I’d like to know ! I would have thought he would make an obvious choice for a comfort for now….?
    Any time you fancy a drive out into the country, you know where to find me. I’ll be waiting with a nice cup of tea. You hang in there, girl. xxxxxx


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