Rattling around…

So..the jury is out on the leprosy. Whilst it is now assumed to be a drug reaction to pertuzumab by the oncologists who have seen other cases, the dermatologists have, to date, only seen me. They are assuming this is the case but want to see me 6 weeks after pertuzumab has finished and examine/photograph (again!) my arms…Meantime they say I should stay on antibiotics (double the dose) and add more (and different) anti-histamine into the mix.

The next day I went back to the hospital to have another dose of the drug causing the problem…But now only 2 doses to go…22 July & 12 August…Bring it on…

I have all but stopped sleeping…I go to sleep but dream of being on the floor, bruised and battered…every time I try and get up I am kicked in the face until finally left for dead…I hear whispering, giggling and kissing as I lie there…Is it better awake or asleep? Both seem equally unbearable at the moment.

A chink of light though. Those of you who know me will be aware that I am the only person anybody knows who applies annually in the Wimbledon ballot and never gets tickets. It has started to become a joke yet somehow, I apply, with the same excitement and sense of anticipation each year…for the past 16 years! Well…to my astonishment – my cousin Joanne has managed to get me 2 tickets to Centre Court tomorrow…the forecast is for a fine, sunny day and I hope to get there in one piece and enjoy the day. What could possibly go wrong? Thank you Joanne.




8 thoughts on “Rattling around…

  1. Hi Wendy

    Oh! lucky girl going to Wimbledon! You may be seeing Australia’s one and only hope (young Nick K….something Greek sounding). He is only 19 and has just beaten Raffers!!! We are all glued to the Box looking like stunned mullets not believing that at last an Aussie has got a chance.

    How are you feeling? Are you alone at home or is your son with you? I cannot bear the thought that you are in an empty house. That in itself is depressing….

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  2. congratulations x 3 welcome back to the world.forget the dreams. wear lsomething outstanding tomorrow and wave like mad so we;ll recognise you.enjoy your day.I HOPE IT RAINS IN SCOTLAND AND THE MIDGES BITE.(sorry Sylvie)


  3. Hi Wendy.

    Sending you very much love, and wishing you a fab day at Wimbledon.
    Will be in touch soon.

    Tricia xxx


    1. At least you apply. I forget every year! I’m green with envy although I am writing from Malta. Not seeming to complain but I will miss my hero Roger hopefully booking his place in final on Sunday. Have a great day, and let’s hope it doesn’t rain!
      Linda x


  4. Hi Wendy I’m impressed that you apply for tickets every year. I forget every year even though I love the tennis and Wimbo I have just learned that my hero, Roger, is through but I’ll miss the semi as I’m in Malta (very nice).
    Love Linda x


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