Down comes the rain

Glorious day at Wimbledon..fabulous seats…bright sunshine and, although I’m sure you all thought that the spectator who had to be taken out because she collapsed, was me actually IT WASN’T me!

So while the rain clouds now stagnate above me doing their worst, with an occasional day of only light drizzle….I put out the laundry to dry on the line and come back to find it covered in a selection of bird droppings. When I returned from re-loading the machine, found similar bird defecation on kitchen wall by the French doors (is it a sign? a sign of what?) – I suspect it is “the sh** will keep coming” … and so it does…daily. I am haunted by the fact that the first I knew my marriage was over was when I was told a few weeks ago. Who is married to someone for 23 years and doesn’t say anything until he has reached the decision that it is over and the time for talking is over without me ever having joined the conversation? I hurt everywhere and at the moment just can’t believe that I can ever get past all this deceit. Thankfully I was given a sleeping pill last night and had my first full night’s sleep for a week.

I am supposed to go back to work this week, which I guess is a good thing but at the moment I am not sure I will be able to stop crying for long enough.

Then I try to find some travel insurance in the hope of having a week away…..Huh! Insurance there certainly is – worst quote £1912 – best (?) quote £989…This is for a one week trip only. Oncologists may well encourage you to get away and “carry on as normal” but think this is only going to happen if I go uninsured. How do people manage this? Wonder if maybe I can exclude the cancer? Trouble is that still leaves the spondylolisthesis and the diabetes..Hey ho…will keep on trying.

Holing up with Yorkshire’s ” ‘ow ‘do” to the Tour de France, then the womens tennis all accompanied by my itchy leprosy and so will get through another day…



5 thoughts on “Down comes the rain

  1. Hi Wendy. Try a Euro Tunnel insurance. Rumour has it that they ask you if your doctor says you are well enough to travel, and if the answer is yes they cover you. Good luck, hope you get away soon x


  2. Hi W, hang on in there – things WILL feel a bit better soon. Are u up 4 work? Doesn’t sound like u r. Hugs Ally xxx


  3. Hi Wendy – Glad you had a great day at Wimbledon. Totally agree with you about the cost of insurance – it is a rip off . I think Macmillen have a list of recommended insurers. If you find an answer as to how people manage this – please can you let us know.
    Personally we have bit the bullet and go armed with our E111 card and basic travel insurance that will not cover the cancer element – but hopefully will cover general illness, accidents etc…..(although you know insurance companies !)

    Also to give us peace of mind we don’t go any further than a two hour flight / where lots of airline carriers travel to and from these countries …(france, main land spain, algarve) – the logic behind this, is that if needed to cut short our package holiday, we could get a stand by flight on the hurry up….Or use the money that we would have paid in the first place on travel insurance – getting a taxi / hire a car to drive us through main land Spain / France to a channel ferry back to the UK.

    We also don’t go longer than 7 / 10 days – so not to push our luck.

    *****Ultimately you will have to do what is best / sits comfortably for you. *****

    I have spoken to people who have also been on cruises (having not declared the cancer) – but I personally think that like islands / that is risky because if you are stuck in one place, there is thus potential for air lift which would be v expensive without insurance.

    Hope you manage to get a holiday – what ever you decide. If your research into insurance reveals some answers – please share the secrets…

    Thinking of you and take care


  4. hi now you’ve been to Wimbledon what’s next on the bucket list?so glad you enjoyed it.My insurance is 900 euros enough for another plane ticket to NZ.thats withESure i wish i’d known about the McMillan one but they don’t operate here..They asked what was diagnosed in the last year.unfortunately most of my problems were.If all else fails why not stick with UK.Wales in beautiful when the sunshines,so are the islands and Ireland north and south.So is Scotland but we won’t go there.Loretta talks a lot of sense getting a flight back from many airports on the Spanish costas,though.not so easy in FrancSo and put his picture on your Alicex


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