Not fit for purpose

I did actually make it into the office today (for 15 minutes) but am not now starting back work until the beginning of August.  I like to believe that I will be OK enough by then…or that I will, at least, be experiencing a period of respite.

Decided that I will travel without medical insurance – maybe will try and get some regular baggage/cancellation insurance. I checked my E111 which was out of date so have sent off for a new one. I also changed “distinguishing features” in my passport and added…broken heart. Suppose I should also add – one breast only…What do people normally use this section for?

Meantime days are getting filled with GP appointments and occupational health as well as the regular range of medical intervention. The new antihistamine is like a cosh – I guess its method is that you don’t have enough brain power to notice the itchiness…?


3 thoughts on “Not fit for purpose

  1. I’m relieved that you’re not trying to work this week. Rule 1: any misfortune that actually happens is not covered by any insurance you may have bought. Alas, you won’t get cancellation insurance for a reasonable price. Baggage may already be included in your house insurance (“personal possessions away from the home”). But rule 1 applies, and there’ll be small print that it must at all times be in your sight and chained to three large dogs, or whatever.
    If your passport includes distinguishing features, it may be slightly out of date, because these were abandoned in 1988. Now all you need is a date of birth that looks vaguely plausible, and a tiny digitized photograph that looks vaguely like you might have looked when the passport was issued. That’s why that teacher only need his wife’s passport to take his inappropriately young mistress to France.
    If you’ve applied by a website which mentions E111, you may alas have been ripped off. The free European Health Insurance Card replaced the E111 in 2006.

    More importantly, sorry if I’ve missed it, but are you telling us where you are planning to go?


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