Other lives

Today, ably assisted by a friend (not the one who has gone off to play with my husband without giving me a backward glance – no, thankfully I have others), we found a new game to play…Who was I in a past life? (on the basis of being dolloped out such a slurry of mixed horridness). We instantly came up with the obvious – Hitler, Pol Pot, and Genghis Khan – This way I can understand that maybe I am being served my just desserts…Well! it’s another perspective to put in the mix.

More hospital next week – one oncology, one psychology…The “ology” week…Bring it on. expecting the worst..hoping for the best…





2 thoughts on “Other lives

  1. good luck with this weeks appointments Wendy. If those were to be the rules maybe we should all start choosing (fantasising?) who ( &where) we would wish to be upgraded to in the next life & I think you get first choice – the next George Clooney maybe ? Man or woman? Man or cat??? East or West? Global superpower or African village? I suppose the bottom liner is that all the above can get cancer – even the cat! Scottish weather permitting I’m thinking of hosting a ‘Pop up’ CRUK BBQ at the weekend http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/support-us/do-your-own-fundraising/bbq just in solidarity .Dundee will be too far for your bloggers to travel but the idea is they will pop up round the country. lots of love xxx


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